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Mar 1, 2011
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Hi to everyone !!! Just purchased my first 3 Axolotl eggs 2 week ago. I spent most of last week watching until they hatched :happy: They are amazing little things. A few questions though if someone can help?
The first one to hatch was totally fine for the 1st day until the next one hatched. I then noticed his wee tail curled up and he just seemed lifeless, the third hatched and he was still the same. I also noticed he was a good bit smaller that the other two. I kept them all in the same tub for 3 days or so but he didn't seem to be getting better. I have now removed him and put him in his own tub and his tail seems to be straightening. Is this normal? I so want him to survive, being the first born :happy:
I was also wondering how long i should feed them baby brine shrimp? And what is the best thing to move on to, there is so much conflicting information around.
Is it ok to keep them together from now on (including the wee one when hes better) some are saying to separate them when their front legs come, while others say it's fine. Has anyone kept more than 1 in the same tank?
lastly, i have a tank with a underwater filter but i dont want to put it in, incase they get caught under the wee vents. Should i do a full water change everyday? At the moment i have being doing this, which is not a problem as i only have water about 2 inches deep and i have been using a pipette to suck up any waste from the bottom of the tank but i don't want to distress them.
I know you are all probably thinking, why the heck did she buy these, she knows nothing:happy: but truthfully i spend every night reading about them, there is sooo much conflicting info that i really don't want to get it wrong.
Sorry if i have bored you:eek: but any help would be very much appreciated.
Michelle xx
Sorry another thing :) I read somewhere that u should only feed what they will eat in 5 mins but when i first put food in they don't move. Am i doing something wrong?
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Hi it's fine to keep them together. You really only need to separate them when there is a big enough size difference were as they can fit into each other mouths .Don't use the under gravel filter, just the bare glass bottom. A simple sponge type filter will work fine to add oxygen and circulate the water some. I don't have any experience with feeding baby axolotls brine shrimp. I always use live daphnia, i just add them into the tank and they will survive with the axies. And the axolotls can just eat them when they want to. I try and make the set-up a self sustaining habitat .so don't have to mess with it much and do water changes etc. . I use the the sponge filter and lots of live plants like java moss ,add light ,toss in the daphnia and it'll pretty much take care of it's self. I just add more fresh water when they level gets low. Once the axolotls get around 1 1/2" long i start feeding them live blackworms. just like the daphnia the blackworms can live and flourish in the tank.So that equals very little work.
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welcome, i have a few questions about why you chose to get axolotleggs instead of a juvanile and also why only 3? I don't meen to sound discuraging but its easyer to start with juvaniles (you still get to see them grow) also why only 3 eggs i have had 33 eggs and only 1 still alive. but i think the reason why so many died was because i used a diferent food to raise them on, i normally use dathnia but i tried baby brine shrimp, i have had 4 out of 13 survive from dathnia, sadly 2 got aten by there bigger brother (i thought they would be fine becuase they where in a tank) hope all yours survive i advise you to get some dathnia post pics of your axies if you have any questions ask,
Hi Aquaman and Sam, thank you so much for the advice Aquaman. I received Daphnia through the post today but they are far to big to feed the Axolotls, am i best to culture these myself?
Sam you have got me worried:happy: At what age did they die?
I could not get any juveniles, i did look for these first. Is that a stupid move on my part?
At the moment i am feeding them twice a day on baby brine shrimp or walter worms, as this was what i was advised by the woman who sold them.
I will try put some pictures on tonight:happy: and any more advice would be brilliant.
Michelle x
Shell, daphnia are fairly easy to culture, and the newly born daphnia will be small enough for your littlest axolotls. You just have to catch them before they get big!

Axolotl larvae are pretty hardy. I wouldn't take Sam's experience to mean that yours too will die.

As long as you're rinsing the brine shrimp, these are a fairly nutritious food for your little ones. Just be sure you remove the shrimp after a few hours. They're a salt-water animal, and die within a few hours of being put in the fresh water of your larvae tub, and can foul it. So just do a quick hoover with the turkey baster, and change the water frequently, and they should grow big and strong.

And as a note: when/if you switch to feeding only daphnia, you won't have to do as much cleaning, since they don't die in fresh water.
Hi Kaysie, that is what i am doing at the moment-removing the baby brine shrimp. The Daphnia i received look big enough to eat the axies:happy: My god though, i have not been rinsing the bbs, how do i do that they are tiny?
I have added some pictures. The first is an amazing wee thing with amazing eyes:happy: lovely golden colour. The next pic is same one in picture 1 with his friend, he is a silvery colour:happy: The last picture is of the one i seperated for the other two as he was small and his tail was curled up for a while. He seems better now though. As you can see we still don't have names for them. They are all a week old now and about 3/4 inch long. Last one a bit smaller though.


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To rinse them, you can put them in a brine shrimp net (or a pair of pantyhose stretched over a wire hanger if you're cheap like me!), and rinse them under the tap.
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