Hi. New axolotl owner


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Hi. I've recently got 2 axolotls. One has a broken leg, which I am assured from other owners on Facebook won't be a problem.. As is active.. Eating and pooing etc. The other one is floating its bum, so after asking my advise, I've been advised I was told wrong from the breeder :( I was told I can use the tank straight away, not told about cycling. So again on advice from a lovely man on Facebook I have taken them out ( as the tank is murky, which I have been told it is cycling) put the floaty one in a small tub of shallow water to help with the wind/poo. He has advised to use some pond pure bio balls to aid yhe cycling quicker so I can get them back in there tank. Any advise is welcome as i obviously I was only going on the breeders advice :(


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Axolotls are a paiin for a first time aquatic owner. You need to cycle their tank for at least a few weeks before you got them. Murkiness is caused from either hard water or bacteria in the water needed to be treated. If you already have another cycled tank filled with freshwater, you can use some of that with your axies.Instead of using those bio balls, use API QuickStart to help cycle your tank.I think you need to do a little more reasearch from other people rather than someone for face book and also, did you just get you axies with nothing in mind or had some knowledge but not a lot of info to help you. There many websites you can look for medical problems to tank problems for help. If you have any other questions ask me !:tongue: