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How to slow baby axolotl growth rate.


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Feb 6, 2022
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Everton, MO
I raise axolotls but have a hard time selling them fast enough. Usually only able to move 1-3 per week. My last batch had over 50 healthy babies! Does anyone know if I can refrigerate the eggs and then just move a dozen a month or so into an aquarium to finish the development? Or, could I let them all develop until they’re an inch or two long and then refrigerate them and just move the juveniles into a tank to grow them bigger as I have need for them? I’m curious if something like this would solve my problem and allow me to perhaps just breed my pair once a year and not be overcrowded with lots of babies all at the same time. Any ideas or suggestions on how to slow the growth rate (and spread them out) would be appreciated. Thank you!
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