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May 7, 2007
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Aalter , Belgium
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Henk Wallays
I'm slowly crawling out of my summersleep for the upcoming Gersfeld meeting and collecting the data again for the Hynobius studbook. I have a peticular interest for H. dunni, but would like to stretch it to all Hynobius.
Overhere in Europe the interest seems to drop a little for this interesting group of animals (at least that's how it feels and what I read from the number of keepers and animals) . So this is a friendly request to inform me if you keep any Hynobius species :

- how many animals you are keeping ( to put into the statistics ... which go back since 1996)
- if you have bred this species in 2008 ( also how many CB you have thus helped to set on this world)
- if on the other hand you encountered problems of any kind for which you would liek advice from other keepers
- if you have peculiar question you want to know on (any of ) your Hynobius species

Please send me the statistics to me by private email , no need to go into public. Eventual practical questions may of course also go over this forum.

The idea behind this is to see how many there are still around and how many people keep them rather then who keeps . I would really prefer to see that we can maintain the pond Hynobius further since together with Ambystoma species they really make my salamander-days interesting .

Well now it's time to pick up my camera again and before I get too rusty make some more Salamander shots ... ;-))
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