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Melbourne - Adult Female Axolotl Free To Good Home


New member
I have a copper/tan female adult (approx. 5-6 years old) that I regrettably have to find a new home for. She belonged to my ex boyfriend but he didn't want to take her after we broke up. I have tried my best to care for her for the past year however I'm struggling to stay on top of the feeding & tank cleaning because I'm hardly home. Her frills are so small compared to what they used to be and she's on the skinny side so I'm hoping someone can offer her a great home :(

She is in a 3ft tank by herself with sand substrate. Her diet consists of live earthworms and raw prawns.

Must be able to pick-up from the northern suburbs of Melbourne, AUS

I'm happy to sell the tank, accessories and external filter to anyone who is interested however that isn't a huge priority right now.



New member
I had to set her tank up at my nan’s house as I ran out of time to find her a new home before I moved house. The problem is my nan doesn’t want it to be a permanent arrangement so I still have to find a home for Tequila :(


New member
Have you had any luck finding a home? I would take her but I'm in Sydney and I'd be afraid of shipping her since she looks a little skinny.
You could contact some small fish supply stores in your area and see if they would take her. I've seen people rehoming axies on Gumtree too so that's worth looking into if you haven't already.


New member
Hi, did you end up finding her a home.....l could share around if you like?
No I kind of gave up looking for a while but now my nan is really pushing me to get rid of the tank. Do you know anyone in Melbourne who would be interested? Otherwise I'm thinking I might do as Hayleyy mentioned and post an ad on Gumtree


New member
Have you tried the facebook group axolotls down under? There's usually people who can do rescues :)