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New axolotl + Tankmates - Gender


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I posted a while ago wondering the genders of my axolotl's, im still unsure however i have taken a much clearer picture of my albino (Nando) who seems much more prominent be him/her a she or he.

I also have a new axolotl (Dark blacky brown wildtype) living with my other 2:happy:

My question is the gender, but also just posting pictures of my axolotls too.. :)
And any gender behavioural differences, my wildtype (paler of the two has a very large head)



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How old are they?? They look too young to sex yet :(. It is really hard to tell sex until they are about 12 - 18 months old.
I had a what I thought was a lovely little girl Abby and um well he had to live with a girlie name.


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The white and black looks like boys...
Purhabs the wild one is a little girl...

But I am not quite sure.


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The lighter wild looks female to me, the darker wild also female (but due to her size I would not guarantee this) as for the albino you ideally need a side view rather than underneath, your axie does appear to have a bulge but also its cloaca looks a bit open so its hard to say either way on that one!!

Females are also more rounded when you look directly down on them!

What sizes are they in inches??


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The dark wildtype is about 4-5 inches ( looks the same as my older wildtype so far..)
the larger wildtype 6-7 inches (thought to be female - has an extremely large head in comparison to my other 2)
albino is about 5-6 inches (this one is the oldest, the wildtype was originally a bit smaller but has outgrown the albino quickly, not sure why)