Pipa pipa Underwater frogs (toads)


Apr 5, 2015
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Northwestern Illinois
United States
I am thinking of ordering a group of this unusual frog. What set up do I need?
it sounds like they like to be warm. It sounds like they are a challenge to induce to spawn.
Ooooh I love those guys! Are you getting mating pairs? Does breeding them have a negative impact on the female because of how the young live inside her? I’m sorry I don’t know much about keeping them, I’ve onky seen them in zoos! I did not even know that they could be sold as pets. Where would you be ordering them from?
A friend in of my frog club importing a group of fish. The price is not high. Frogs do not mate for life in my understanding. I just need to buy enough to get boys and girls..
Fascinating! Would you sell the froglets? I’ve heard Pipa Pipa have a high success rate in breeding because of they carry the eggs and offspring for so long.
Sure, but the size available suggests they are young. It takes three years to mature. It will probably be a while.
It takes that long to mature? Strange! My African Clawed Frog was tiny when I got him and him after just three months he began loudly calling. I had assumed it would similar for Suriname toads since they are also pipidae. How long do they live?
Also, this got me very interested in them and I did a little research on them, mostly talking to a few herpetologists and local fish stores I found that sell and keep them(I forgot to ask them about lifespan) I can pass the care information they gave me onto you if you would like?
Just at least one thing I have heard is that breeding is actually very difficult because they need to move a lot during the mating so most breeders have had better luck breeding them in tank with a depth of at least four feet, and the breeding can take as long as 36 hours.
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