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"Researchers discover rare salamander eggs in Texas spring" By JOSHUA RAPP LEARN June 7, 2021


Sep 2, 2022
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Linda Moon and her colleagues from the Edwards Aquifer Authority(EAA) were snorkeling in a spring fed by the Edward Aquifer looking for salamanders. She flipped a rock and found two bead sized milky clear balls. These are the first two eggs of the Comal Spring salamander eggs found in the wild. Credit: Linda Moon,USFWS. In a study published recently by Ecosphere, the researchers describe how the two Comal Spring salamander eggs hatch. One male and one female. Comal Spring salamander (Eurycea pterophilia) Joshua Rapp Learn is a science writer for the Wildlife Society he can be contacted: with any questions or comments about his article. I do apologize for any credit due, not mentioned. I also apologize for any missing photos that do accompany this article. I'm not quit sure how to download photos to my tablet. I also apologize for my ignorance in not setting this thread up as John suggest. Sorry John to have donkified this. I did my best sir.
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