Photos of Sick Axolotls


The photos below show specific symptoms or illnesses in axolotls. Additional illness and treatment articles are linked at the bottom of the page.


axolotl with constipation Constipation
Axolotl with symptoms of constipation. Note odd posture and enlarged cloaca. The animal shown here made a full recovery after removal of gravel to prevent further ingestion.
axolotl with white patches of skin White skin patches
Axolotl with white skin patches. The cause is unknown, but the owner believed it was not fungus, but a shedding problem or protozoan infection. The animal returned to normal after treatment with a tea bath (1 teabag/10 liters or 10 quarts water).
Axolotl with prolapsed cloaca Prolapse
Axolotl with a prolapse of the cloaca.
axolotl with torn limb Attack by tankmate
This axolotl was attacked by a tankmate, causing the limb to be shredded down to the bone. The limb was amputated, and the regenerating limb is shown in the lower panel.
axolotl with anchor worm Anchorworm
Anchorworm, a common parasite in goldfish and koi, can also infect axolotls. Treatment requires treating the axolotl with medications sold to treat koi and sterilizing the entire tank to prevent recurrence.
axolotl gill fungus Gill infection
Axolotl with infection of gills. See forum thread.
axolotl gill fungus Gill infection
Axolotl with infection of gills. See forum thread.


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