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the javat
2nd April 2016, 21:03
Hello all guys ;)
A few days ago my salamander larvae are on the ground.
They live in a container with a cap moss and fresh water .
My question is that I do not get food for them ... Even eat nothing .
I can offer feed them?
I read salamander care , but do not eat anything ...
I thought about grindal or enchytraeids . What opinion do you have?
thanks to all

3rd April 2016, 05:08
I recommend getting springtails or flightless fruit flies to start.

They move alot and entice feeding response more so than grindals or other worm variants.

3rd April 2016, 05:27

There are quite some suggestions there for any age of salamandrae.
You can use very tiny house crickets, as suggested there, or very tiny earthworms, or quite some other things you can find in this article.

May I ask what species or subspecies the little guys are (just out of curiosity)?

the javat
3rd April 2016, 12:13
Thanks for the answers.

I'll buy very small and drosophila tenebrio , because I find little worm ... :(

I hope to get lucky , I do not want any dead , look very pretty colors sub species the not accurate I think are gallaica and bejarae ;)

There are some very white and the other orange.
A greeting

3rd April 2016, 13:30
Well done javat.
In my experience I'd go for the non/flying fruit flies.
I'd place a tea spoon of banana mash or some chopped over ripe apple on a jam jar lid and put this on the base of the enclosure. I find the flies are less likely to wander off and they congregate about the fruit making them easy for the little salamanders to prey on them. It won't be long before they are on to 1st and 2nd instar cricket. Flightless fruit flies will still wander and can climb up the enclosure and escape through the smallest of spaces. Once they are a few weeks I give them 2-4mm segments of earth worms. Not the smelly ones. If you are unsure, just stick them under your nose. This size segments still move and attract the salamanders. To keep these segments as fresh as possible and for upto a day maybe, I finely mist the cage to stop them drying out. At this stage though, my priority is to get the little ones feeding.

the javat
3rd April 2016, 20:42
Thank you very much for the reply!

Now I missed eating tenebrio and microgrillo. which it is what had now ....

A salamander to eat a cricket in front of me :D:D I hope that at night go hunting too ;)

Anyway I'll buy drosophila hydei and to see how they feed on that :)

A greeting

4th April 2016, 17:08
Great news. Let us know how you get on.

the javat
4th April 2016, 21:34
Thank you!
I have many doubts , but will be eliminated as avanzen day.
I worry that eating salamanders have not eaten more ... normal? these animals do not eat much ?
a greeting

the javat
12th April 2016, 19:19

I leave a video at all. You salamander there any worm eating some white and some red too .... I hope to grow up fast!
A greeting and thanks to all

Alex salamander
20th June 2016, 15:13
its salamanders are illegal because they haven't papers

20th June 2016, 17:27
Get them eating first then worry about papers.

23rd June 2016, 18:33
Get them eating first then worry about papers.

What alexps said! 100% get them eating first.