View Full Version : Hiccups in Salamandra S. Terrestis?

3rd October 2002, 23:25
One of my S. s. terrestis' keeps diong what appears to be a hiccup.

Anyone have any insight?

3rd October 2002, 23:54
That's usually a really bad sign - possible bacterial septicemia. Are you keeping it very wet or with little ventilation? Has the brightness of its colouration disappeared?

4th October 2002, 01:30
I have four of them in a thirty gallon tank. I just changed their soil several days ago and other then the original moisture in the soil I've misted the tank once.

His skin colour does look dull compared to the other fires.

Should he be removed from the tank? Should there be anything else?

4th October 2002, 01:38
I isolated the one fire in a dry tank with one hide.

Any other ideas would be helpful.

I didn't think just changing their soil would effect the moisture levels so much. He's been hiccuping for the past few hours, and was fine the day of the change (colour and hiccuping wise).

4th October 2002, 16:37
Just an update: The fire who was isolated is now looking as shinny as the others, and all the other three are still completly shiny.

5th October 2002, 20:33
hey rob any photos of those guys?

7th October 2002, 15:54
Hey Timmy,

Yeah, I have some, I'll try to post them up this week.


11th October 2002, 15:15
How's it doing, Rob? I was away for a week.

11th October 2002, 17:21
Well, he's become shiny again and eating (but not eating much), but still has the hiccups. I still have him isolated in a dryer tank and he seems to be obsessed with buring himself.

He does appear more active then before though.

I'm hoping that he'll recover with the extra attention. ANything else I should try?

Also, I should be able to put up pics this weekend...but they may be poor...of my animals. It's my first time with a digital camera.


13th October 2002, 22:55
lol. that actually sounds kinda funny, if it werent so serious... amphibians with hiccups... what's next?

15th October 2002, 00:40
Well, it's looking a LOT better. I watched him for about 30 mins today and didn't see him hiccup. He has also regained 100% of his shiny gloss like look. I placed three crickets in there today, combined with two from yesturday, and now tonight I only see two of them left. The rest could be hiding, but I believe he has picked up in his eating habits.

Sorry that I didn't get the pics up yet. I think I'll try to do it right now.

Take a look over in the pics section...and remeber....they're my first ones and probably could use a lot of work.


15th October 2002, 02:57
Sounds like he's out of the woods. Keep an eye on him. As long as he stays bright and shiny, and keeps eating, he should be fine. Don't keep him too wet, too warm, or not well ventilated though.