View Full Version : Triturus montandoni larvae

22nd March 2004, 15:01
I've had some success at breeding my montandoni this season and would love any tips on raising the larvae. I started them off with bbs and then they graduated to daphnia. The largest larvae are now getting chopped live blackworms. The first thing I noticed about them was they develope all four legs faster then my marmortus and cristatus. I assume this is because they often breed in shallower, more temporary pools, where it can dry up quickly on them. Is it safe to assume they morph faster then the other species mentioned?

22nd March 2004, 15:28
Hi David,
yes, they morph fast and they are extremely tiny morphs. One thing to delay the metamorphose is keep them cold. What is the temperature in your tank ?

22nd March 2004, 16:01
About 11 to 12 degrees celsius. Any chance of keeping them aquatic for a while once they morph?

23rd March 2004, 08:58
I doubt there is any. They are excellent climbers and have no problem leave the water.

24th March 2004, 01:23
<font color="ff6000"> Low temperatures would delay all of the upbringing including hatching and metamorphose. Changing into small terrestrial juveniles can be a big problem if you try and make them aquatic beyond their wishes. If you try , keep an extra TIGHT lid on the tank. I've had tiny morphs that go "land crazy" by hanging on the plastic top piece of my tanks just below the screened top. Some tanks are not as tight as others for fugitives at large.