View Full Version : S.S.Bejarae

3rd March 2006, 18:23
A couple of pics

3rd March 2006, 23:31
Nice animals Andy, but you really should try feeding them a little more ;-)

4th March 2006, 01:32
lol, believe it or not these guys have been on a diet! How do yours look Mike? I was beginning to think these guys must all be porkers as they don't lose weight even if fed once a week

4th March 2006, 04:02

Really enjoy the pics....those are truly some slobs!

4th March 2006, 12:01
Thanks Travis, i must say though that they look extra flat and wide as they were wedged under their cork until i lifted it to take the picture!

4th March 2006, 13:04
lol and i was worried that my pachytriton was looking fat! what do you feed them? pork scratchings?!?

great shots!

4th March 2006, 20:26
Hey Will, they only eat a couple of cheese burgers a week....think thats too much?

5th March 2006, 01:22
My bejarae from last year are a little more lithe looking Andy.

Mind you they only get fed every five days if theyr'e lucky!

They can, along with almanzoris, if well fed grow large jowls, and even misshapen heads which doesn't in my opinion add to their beauty.

I have two more sets of larvae from unrelated animals if you want to add to your mob. ;-)