View Full Version : Genetics again

29th March 2003, 21:15
I have some color variations going on that I don't quite understand. Maybe someone can shed some light.
I have a wild phenotype male whose genetics I believed to be DD/Aa/M? . I believed this to be the case because when bred to a white albino dd/aa/MM and a leucistic dd/Aa/MM (those I am pretty sure of as I have several generations). I produced standard albino and wild phenotypes. Now on hatch number 5 I have some lovely 3-4 inch babies, out of my white albino female, a few of which look decidedly like white albino's, I also have a few that although born with pigmentation along the spine and dorsal crest are beginning to lighten up significantly and now appear to be heavily pigmented leucistics while others of the same original appearance are darkening to clearly wild types. These lightly pigmented babies are noticeably different at hatching from the standard wild types which also came out of the same hatch but it seems to be a toss up as to which way they go. So do I have heavily pigmented leucistics, extremely light wild types or are there other permutations I'm not aware of. Or do I simply not understand the genetics as well as I thought I did? I also have one very small larva who is developing slowly but looks for all the world like a standard (golden) albino except that it has a few spots of light pigment on the dorsal crest and very small points of pigment in the eyes. I have doubts as to its survival but I thought I'd see what happens. What information am I missing? Thoughts anyone?