View Full Version : What's my frog?

2nd March 2005, 21:06
I've just got 3 of these - but all the aquatic shop could tell me is that they are some form of 'dwarf tropical frog'

They were being kept in an unheated tank with newts (although the bloke said they should really have a heater)

I described them to someone in the chatroom last night/the night before, who said they sounded like Dwarf African Frogs
- I've therefor tried to alter the tank conditions to those recommended by various froggie sites

But thought I'd post a pic here for a more informed identification...so - what's this?

(it's about an inch and a half long)


2nd March 2005, 21:10
It's a Hymenochirus sp.

3rd March 2005, 20:06
thanks for your swift identification Andrew...was going to ask you a quickie in the chat room, but you did a sharp exit............

Have been reading that the frogs would like a ph of around 7.6-7.8......tested the tank water today and it's about 6.5
Have yet to find any advice on raising the ph level, except not to use PH-Up type products...any suggestions????

3rd March 2005, 21:00
I would not worry too much, I have housed them at about 6.8 in the past as that is what I was told the commercial breeder they came from maintains them at.

4th March 2005, 20:14
O you're a good un *g*.......am having a lot of fun with frogs at the minute - they seem to really like hunting live daphnia .... i was planning on switching to frozen food, but i think that might take all the fun out of it for them