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15th July 2007, 00:18
Just wanted to stop in and say "Hello". I have been reading this message board for a little over 24 hours ( ok, not that whole 24 hours... :D )
Some 25 years ago I kept a large aquatic newt ( orange on top, lighter color underneath, pebbly skin and maybe 6 - 7 inches long - Ah ha! NOW I know what this one was: T. g. granulosa ! Would love to have another one. ) as a pet. Had it for 5 years and then had to sell it ( poor college student..)
Anyway, a few days ago I purchased a FBN and (s)he matches the description of a Japanese Fire Belly Newt found here: http://www.caudata.org/cc/articles/firebelly.shtml
It's eating well ( just tubifex worms now, I will try other appropriate foods later on ), very active in the water. Right now it's in a small 5 gallon aquarium, but I have just set up a more appropriate 10 gallon home for it. I just read the article on "cycling" and will have to re-read it and decide which method to use.
My 8 year old is thrilled with the newt and has named it Liz. Don't worry, we're not handling Liz, just admiring her....
So far this web site has been a wealth of information. The newt I had so many years ago was lucky to be so healthy, as I had no idea what I was doing.....

15th July 2007, 00:22
Welcome! Have fun with your newt. A 10 gallon would be great for Liz once the tanks cycled!:D