View Full Version : Homemade axolotl food?

6th February 2012, 22:10
Sorry to make two new threads in such a short amount of time, but I had a question. Could I make homemade axolotl food? I was thinking I could chop up the frozen earthworms really fine, thaw my brine shrimp/bloodworms, mix them all together and freeze them into small cubes. What do you guys think? Does anyone have a better recipe for homemade food? Thanks!


7th February 2012, 06:17
You can make your own. Johnny (SludgeMunkey) posted an in depth thread on how to make them.


dad of axle
7th February 2012, 07:14
Thanks for the post Justin, when I get my earthworm farm up and running I might have a go at making some home grown cubes as this would be a could way of having some handy If I am ever away from home and my axies need a good diet. I have a medical condition that means on rare occassions i can be in hospital for a week to two weeks. and it would be good to have the instructions from the axolotl sanctuary and some frozen supplies in the freezer if I need.

7th February 2012, 10:46
thats really cool thread ^^ though i dont know if my mom would allow me to blend crickets and worms xD or maybe i do it at someone elses home ^^