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In 2004 several hobbyists and professionals came together to write articles for issue 1 of Magazine. At the time we had hoped it would become a regular publication, but finding enough original articles from authors in a timely fashion was a challenge and we never published issue 2. Some of what would have been in issue 2 was added to Caudata Culture and, indeed, that site expanded its scope to serve as the main replacement for the magazine itself.

This one-off issue remains a testament to the knowledge and professionalism of hobbyists in the community at the time. It has subsequently been cited/referenced in other media, including Tim Johnson's article on the Natural History of Cynops ensicauda popei in the late Max Sparreboom's 2014 text "Salamanders of the Old World".

The contents of Issue 1 were as follows:

An Introductory Message from John P. Clare
Photos from the last year
Leader ArticleObservations of Cynops ensicauda popei habitats in the subtropical rainforests of Yambaru, Okinawa, Japan
by Timothy Johnson
Triturus Special, Article 1A Beginner's Guide to Breeding Triturus
by David Nash
Triturus Special, Article 2Triturus boscai: a profile of Bosca's Newt in the Wild and its Maintenance in Captivity
by Yago Alonso Giménez
Triturus Special, Article 3Keeping and Breeding the Southern Marbled Newt (Triturus pygmaeus)
by Sergé Bogaerts
Husbandry and Breeding of the Narrow-Striped Dwarf Siren (Pseudobranchus axanthus)
by Edward Kowalski
Clouded Futures: a short discussion of recent publications on the effects of climate change on species extinction
by Alan Cann

The original description from the magazine page is quoted here: Magazine is the only English language publication that deals exclusively with newts and salamanders. First published in 2004, Magazine is written primarily for the enthusiast and the professional working with newts and salamanders in captivity. The magazine's publishing schedule is bi-annual, with an Autumn issue and a Spring issue. It is an electronic publication, but you are encouraged to print the magazine for your own personal use, or for a friend. Magazine can be requested via the ISSN system using ISSN number 1649-5934.
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Both useful for the hobbyist at any level, specific enough for the biologist and well written to enjoy as a read. Like finding s little gold in the Sierra Madre's, without the greed (well, maybe inducing a touch of greed to have more newts at home).
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