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Jun 30, 2010
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Jammy Dodger
Iv got a baby axolotl (wild type) who wont eat. i got her 2days ago.
I noramly feed my axolotls devon they love it every other day sept she wont eat it:( any idea's? (please dont say blood worm or earth worms)

i also have a wild type axolotl who iv had for ages and she has gotten very large she is very bulky. iv put her on a diet and she is still fairly large any idea about wha foods to make her slim down?

There in a 6ft tank and there are only 3 of them Marshmellow she
is the fatty 8inches, 3yrs old, wild type , Mango a bright yellow 6inch female 1yr old and now the new member Skitz a baby wild type 3inches long about 3-4 months old.

I clean the tank out every month and change the water 25% every week there are 2 large air stones in there ,hiding places with plants heater ,a large filter that doesnt bother them and gravel they dont eat the gravel.:D

the tempture in day time 20 - 22c and at night falls to 18 - 19c.
The tank only just sits next a window and is mostly dark in the room.
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