Baby brine shrimp hatch in freshwater


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Oct 14, 2015
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Hi i read about someone hatcing bbs in freshwater. I tried it to and it worked. I put 1/16 of baking soda to about 3 cups of water and about 1/64 of bbs . I have a small hatchery its about a liter. I stuck it in the window with no artificial light just sunlight. Where i put it it stayed around 71f.
Sorry forgot to mention i did use air hose in my hatchery. The writer mentioned using a lamp for heat and light with his success too. I did it the same way i always do in my hatchery except no salt. From my visual experience the hatch rate was the same as with salt. It took about the same amount of time to hatch 18 to 24 hours. I collect some for my larvae after 24 hours . Put airline back in hatchery forgot to shut it off last night. It ran for another 13 hours all together 37 hours. I'm collecting more now they look fine looks as if they were hatched in salt water. But i used absolutely no salt i assume they just need high ph:D
The baking soda... is it necessary for the BBS to hatch? Most people have it in their cupboards already, which is awesome! It's so cool knowing you can ditch the salt. Thanks for this info!
I will try without baking soda next and post my results. I know i ran out of aquarium salt and only had ice cream salt . I read you can use ice cream salt to. Then found a guy that says he doesn't use salt unless hatching for his salt water aquariums. So i figured give it a shot and i liked the results. Next i will try no backing soda. If it has to do with ph then everyone might get different results depending on their ph.
Mine hatched better when I used a heat lamp then with out it ..
Here are some pictures of my little setup. I'm only hatching for 15 larvae. I set it up in my window because my aquarium is wright by it. I use a 2way valve so I can use my sponge filter in aquarium and hatch bbs at same time. I don't use a light because no good place to put light and my nabors will think I'm nuts.

I don't now my ph exactly. I like the api test kit but my eyes dont always do good at matching the colors. Here is some pictures of my results. I did NOT use baking soda its been 14 hour in hatchery. I dont think it will work I dont see any trying to hatch. I should see some half out of there shell by now. But I will post more information after 36 hours.

I made this hatchery out of 2 rubber maid containers. I don't have to separate bbs from eggs in this setup. They swim to the light. I did not use salt I did use baking soda. It is working in this setup to with just sunlight and NO aeration. It takes longer than 24 hours to hatch in this setup with no aeration. More like 48 hours or more but perfect for going on vacation and having bbs ready when you get home. The water is only 1 inch/25cm deep. I think the depth is important plus you can't put to many bbs in it. I tried to hatch bbs with salt with baking soda just as directed with NO air with no success in my hatchery. I think it was to deep or to many bbs.


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Awesome i won't have to wipe salt off my window and router anymore:D That probably wasn't the best place next to the WiFi router. But not to many places in the house the wife will let me hatch bbs.:nono::p
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I tested once witch is good enough for me. No salt no baking soda with aeration. It's been at least 24 hour i will keep it running see wat happens. Not a good hatch rate for me so far. I will keep hatching my bbs with no salt just baking soda for now on. If I have problems I will post here. I used my separation idea witch I do not use air. I got a good hatch rate. But they dont last as long after hatcing in freshwater. After they hatch they last around 24 hour. So when I leave town I will add salt to my bbs separating thing. First pick has aeration the second one it's off.


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Just a update i switched back to using salt and baking soda. Its to unpredictable without salt. If you feed all the bbs to your larvae/fish within a few hours of hatching its good without salt. Without salt after hatching the bbs doesn't seem to last for more then 10 hours. I said 24hours in previous post but that was a guess. Just like my 10 hours is a rough guess. I just know out of my last few batches without salt. I only get 1 good feeding buy the second feeding most are dead. I try to feed bbs 2 times a day. That is no problem when i leave my bbs in salt in till i feed. Its to unpredictable without salt.:p
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