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Aug 7, 2023
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Missouri, United States
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So I am doing the axolotl egg route again soon and every time I’ve done the hatcheries I have lots of brine shrimp left over. I feed to my other aquariums too but I usually end up dumping the rest and it seems like a waste when the brine shrimp eggs can get expensive. I’m curious if there’s a way to keep them alive for a few extra days or so at least so I can have some for backup in case i have a hatchery failure another day. I wouldn’t mind having a tank w just brine shrimp but since I don’t do saltwater tanks i doubt I have the stuff I would need to keep them long term. Has anyone figured out how to save the left over shrimp in a separate container so I can get another batch started in my hatchery?
Hi! I found this video a while ago:

Basically the leftovers are dumped into a larger bin and with this guy' setup he raises the brine shrimp to adulthood for later feeding. Pretty good for any other fish you have/larger larvae.
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