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cause of peninsula newt death?


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Sep 8, 2023
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First time newt owner (previously kept fish), came home yesterday to find one of my peninsula newt duo deceased. Hoping to determine it cause of death is something I can correct, to ensure the health of the remaining newt.
I purchased the pair ~3 weeks ago from a local fish shop. Been feeding them dried bloodworms and tubifex worms, both of them have accepted the food. Checked water parameters, pH and ammonia are fine (plus, they've had weekly water changes). Main concern is, water temp is 77 F, which is above the recommended range for eastern newts (my thought process being, as the most southern subspecies, slightly higher temperatures would be acceptable? Was this a highly incorrect assumption????). Tank is 20 gallon, filled halfway with water, with sponge filter, horn wort plant cluster, and floating driftwood.

Attached are photos (corpse removed to a cup)


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