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Dart frog breeding huts DIY


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Nov 29, 2010
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St Louis
So im kinda a hands on kind of keeper and dont really care for the looks of a coco hut/petri dish set up for breeding my frogs.

Approaching the same requirements ina naturalistic way was my intentions when i designed and built these breeding huts for my PDF

These are the materials you will need;
Red Solo cup
Small zip ties
Plastic mesh canvas
Covering of some sort

Gather your materials and get set for about 15 mins to build your froggies a little house

Next is to cut your cup down to about 1/4" and try to keep the edge smooth as possible so your little froggies wont get hurt!


i do this by cutting a strip as wide as the bottom of what ever i am using for the collection cup. In this case it is a red Solo cup


Next is the tricky part in cutting your length for the canvas strip

I prefer to go about 6 holes more then the distance around the cup. This gives me plenty of lifting room and i can still get a little conical shape to it

Then i hook a zip tie through the corners on one side and 3 holes back on the other. Depending how large your vessel is you may have to add a center zip tie to keep the canvas closed


We gotta have a little door for the frogs to get in and out so i remove a 1" square to make a door way into the interior of the cylinder, making sure to smooth the edges


Now we gotta install a roof!
I prefer to just cut the excess from a flat piece of canvas but you can go out and purchase round pieces of plastic canvas if you so choose to make a perfect hut


So now that we have our frame work of the house done you can see how it sits over the bottom of the cup.


Next step is to make it a nice secure house by covering it with a living covering of java moss!


And after some careful wrapping and tucking your froggies have a nice new breeding site to lay you eggs in!


Hope this has inspired you to go out and make something a bit more natural then a simple coconut shell in your terrarium


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May 11, 2015
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NYC Metro Area
Very nice! I've always used cocohuts and petri-dishes but this looks like it works just as well. My tincs are rather large so i dont know if they can appreciate the smaller bottom of the solo cups, but it should apply for just about any other options.

Thanks for sharing! :D


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Sep 6, 2008
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Forgive me... Are you attempting to keep dart frogs aquatically? Or is this a method to encourage the java moss to take hold and then be transferred to an appropriate enclosure?

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