I absolutely love these little worms. I'm feeding them to my cfbn morfs. Before I had these worms I would spend hours holding (frozen) mosquito larves in front of them and than only 10% of them would actually take a bite. In my first attempt with the (live) enchytraea 90% ate within seconds.

After a few times I have come to the point that the little morfs leave their hiding places and come out when they notice these worms are being fed to them.
Sometimes when I take to much worms at once I feed them to the adults as well -> in a bare bottom tank. They keep looking for them long after they ate the last one as well

Not only are the little newts eating now, I also find it very relaxing to hand feed them.

Just one question, does somebody know the nutritional value of these worms? (I also feed the cfbn small fruitflies as a variation and to let them hunt)

I am not sure of the nutritional content of whitworm but I believe they are quite high in fat. A little trick I use is to mix live whiteworm with defrosted frozen bloodworm and serve it up in a dish, the wriggling of the whiteworm will attract the newts to it and it saves using so many whiteworm!
They are quit fat, for young newts therefor pretty good, but...as for all food, try to mix it with other food items. If animals learn to take food by hand you can feed most of them anything. I know someone who feeds his Pleurodeles with crickets under water with twizzers....be inventive!
oki, thank you for your advice

just one more question:
are white worms the same as enchytraea?
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