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Oct 14, 2015
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Hi as you see i get bored in the winter. Here is one way to effectively separate bbs eggs. You still need to rinse if you are adding to freshwater aquarium. I take some freshly hatched bbs. Suck it up with baby syringe from Walmart. Cover the sering with elastic tap. Get a new syringe fill with saltwater. Attached the two syringes together with about two inches of airline tubing. Put syringes by window wait about 1/2 hour to hour. The bbs will swim to light in clean syringe. Leaving behind all she'll + unhatched egg in syringe covered in black electronic tap. Rinse uncovered syringe with dechlorinated water.


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Re: Home made bbs egg she'll separaterror

If you use flashlight they will swim to clear syringe within minutes. You can fill uncovered syringe with fresh water. I couldn't tell you how much saltwater mixes with the fresh water.

This is another idea i come up with. I am only raising a dozen newts larvae so it works for me. I don't use air pump to hatch bbs anymore or artificial light. I have two containers one you want to be able to blackout . The other is clear connect the two with tubing. Make waterproof with 100% silicone. Fill both containers with salt water and pinch of backing soda. Make sure to cover tubing by 1/4 , 5mm of water. Fill the side that can be blacked out from light with bbs eggs. Within 3 day's you will have some bbs in dark uncovered side hatching. Cover side with hatching bbs. Place light by clear uncovered side. They will swim to light in clear clean container . Leaving behind shells and unhatched eggs. After they start to hatch you can keep collecting bbs for several day's. It takes longer for all eggs to hatch with no light or pump plus i keep my house at 69 degrees. It will take from day one about five days for all eggs to hatch in the conditions i keep them in. I didn't have much success with deep containers less hatch rate.


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