<i>Hynobius leechii</i>-data needed



i am needing data on these animals for a short data sheet i will post infront of their tank -my store is near opening and this is one of the tanks that is easily viewed by the public out in the hallway. i am looking for locality data (more specifically an online map), clutch sizes, breeding season, sexual dimorphism characteristics (if any), life span, time to sexual maturity, ideal housing temps, natural habitat description, avalibility in the US (how many others keep them here?), size in cm, courtship behaviuor, etc.

what i have so far is that their common name is korean salamander and that they come from north east china and the korean peninsula. i have an older book that says the hynobid family are reffered to as the most primitive tailed amphibians and there are no fossil records for these sals.it also mentions the egg sacs are equal to or larger in length than the adults. does anyone disagree with this data?
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