Larvae and frozen food



Despite having a plentiful supply of live aquatic invertebrates for my larvae I thought I'd experiment with some frozen bloodworms chopped up into small pieces. I found that if I gently flicked the pieces towards the larvae they would be readily snapped up. Obviously this is too labour intensive for so many mouths so my question is - will there be a point in their development where they will feed by smell rather than movement? As adults (these are Pleuros) they eat pretty much anything that smells like food. Do larvae develop this feeding behaviour?


It seems like for some of my C. Orientalis larvae. Once they got much bigger and willing to take frozen unchopped bloodworm by hand feeding, so of the larvae will occasionally eat those that are not moving.

This is what I have observed.


Pleuros are very adaptable. They will learn to eat frozen bloodworms as soon as they are big enough to eat them whole (maybe sooner if live food isn't offered). I think there were space flight experiments done with Pleuros where they were hatched in space and raised entirely on pellets.
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