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Dec 5, 2009
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United Kingdom
I have just taken over the Mantella studbook as first set up by the European Studbook Foundation (ESF). This studbook is generally aimed at being within Europe, however people wanting to join the studbook in other areas of the globe may feel free to do so.

The idea of this studbook is to try to maintain genetic integrity by advising where new bloodlines may be moved to and from. The legal rights of these animals will remain with the owner and at the end of the day where they are moved to and how they are moved is a decision which is made by the animals owner. My role as studdbook keeper is to advise you where you may be able to acquire new bloodlines (and even new species) or where you could move some of your surplus animals to. For more information on the role of the ESF and where the participants of the studbooks come in please check their website at or contact me.

I am looking for participants with any species of Mantella as they are currently all setup in the one studbook. However I am already running each species as if it were a seperate studbook so that in the future when we have enough participants, each species may be allocated its own studbook.

We hope to be able to maintain a good genetic variety in captivity through the use of this studbook, to allow us to aid with in situ conservation projects in the future to ensure that this species increases and maintains sucess in the wild.


Markus Wilder
This is an old thread, but sadly only because it has not recieved an awful lot of interest. I am still looking for as many people as possible to join the studbook and would be happy to add people whose collections are within the US.

If you would be interested in joining this project please feel free to fill in the forms as mentioned in the initial post of this thread and I will get you on to the studbook.
How many members is there in the uk ?.
Hi Tony,

At present there are sadly only 2 members within the UK, however I have had a number of other keepers show interest in joining. We have only just started to try and re-populate this studbook and people have had fairly busy months over December and January. From the sounds of the interested parties which I have spoken to we should start getting more full submissions over the next couple of months. However we have had a fairly good response about this project throughout Europe.
Tony, are you familiar with TreeWalkers International? It has a studbook program.
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