New Albino Axolotl, Need Advice


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May 22, 2024
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Hello all!

So quick summary, I am a teacher who got an axolotl for my classroom. I have done months of research and preperation before finally getting one and got the students to assist. The tank stays in a dimly light place with minimal light and noise, but being a classroom it is impossible to elimante this completely. That being said it seems to have gotten used to it. It is currently in a tank with black sand, a single hide, an aqua one filter (set on slowest mode) and two live plants (java fern and micro sword). I've got conditioner and enzymes for the water and current testing kit shows pretty good levels with maybe only slightly high chlorane and nitrate that I am currently treating with water changes and adding more product as necessary. My main issue is that I cannot tell what healthy colours look like and also we have had the axolotl a week as of today and it has yet to eat anything (we are using the tablets the pet shop was using before selling it to us). I've attached some pics below. Can anyone shed light on if the red/pink is normal? or the type of red associated with poor water quality? Does it generally look healthy? Do the gills look okay? it spent two days doing absolutely nothing and going a bit pale (which I read is normal) and then yesterday became overly active and looked like it was trying to escape, bumping into walls and going up for air constantly, so I did a 50% water change, added more conditioner and checked levels and today it seems much more calm. Active, but in a good way. Swimming atround gently, showing curiosity, walking, etc. Should I be concerned about it not eating? Is there any other tips I can try? Or suggestions for the tank? Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you!


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the redness can be due to water parameters or over exertion, what are your water parameters ie.. temperature, ph, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, kh, gh.
trying to get out of the water but then being calmer after a water could be due to water parameters being off.
what do you mean by chlorane? do you mean chlorine? any water should be treated with a dechlorinator before adding to the tank.
the lack of appetite can be due to being in a new environment although trying other types of food might be a good idea.
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