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Just a thought rattling around in my head with the pebbles, walnuts and gick:

It would be great to know more about some of the regular posters here - John, Kai...

Just some things like where you are from, what you do, how you know so MUCH.. etc...

It would be great to have a section set up with this info (I know you don't have enough other things keeping you busy...)(if it is already here somewhere I appologize for the silly post!)

Anyway, thanks for all the informative posts, and the great site!



Hi Keegan,

Well, I'm not sure how I made it into the regular posters list and there are certainly many folks (like Henk, for example) who have much more experience with keeping and breeding caudates.

Newts were a kind of first love for me - I must have stumbled over my first Triturus vulgaris at the end of the 60ies and have continued to gather information on caudates (and all other aquatic critters as well as plants) and (when possible) breeding experiences ever since.

I'm mainly a systematic ichthyologist ("fishologist" mainly interested in evolution and biodiversity) but have also worked on plants and recently started to work on newts as well.

And yes, kudos to John for this site!

Best wishes,
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