Triturus vittatus - Banded Newt urgent questions.



I have 3 male and 2 female Triturus vittatus
Banded Newt. The 3 males changed their skin I think just because of the temperature
of the water.2 of my males are small but the other one is really
big like the pics I have seen in web. The small males look like the "T. vittatus, unknown subspecies."
pictures and the bigger one looks like Triturus vittatus but I really
cant classify them maybe a ophryticus.

DO I see any anomaly if the temp is to high for them ?

1.-I have seen that my big male is attacking or playing with one of my
other males is it normal???I am really confused about his behavior is he normal are they playing or is he hungry?.
2.How many times do I have to feed them daily ?
3. are my two other male triturus in danger because of the other male the bigger one..?
4.And also one of my small males has got pale yellowish part near stomach just like some thing is wrong.


Male T. vittatus are very aggressive towards each other when they're being kept in water. They're territorial. I'd remove the other males.

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Well mu female vitatus seems like they are not eating which I am with them.I think they are also
afraid from males.What is your opinion ?
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