Tylototriton yangi courtship

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Mar 14, 2010
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Does anyone know if tylototriton courtship happens on land or in the water?
I am asking about the mateing ritual not the egg laying ,thanks
In the water I think. I am a bit confused, haven't you bred Tylototriton verrucosus before? You have sold morphs before...which makes me think you bred them, or did you just buy the eggs? Anyway, I would be surprised if they didn't court in the water. I have read that T. verrucosus tail fans in a way similar to Triturus newts, but slower, which wouldn't make sense if it wasn't in the water. -Seth
Mine courted a lot. Always in the water. They circled around each other until the male dropped a spermataphore. I never saw any tail fanning.
Some tylos appear to mate and lay eggs on land. It's not clear what species these are, although the name T.verrucosus has been applied to at least one such population.
I ask the question as I know Frogmans courtship was aquatic but also I've been told of numerous occasions of the courtship being on land ,both is true for which I've heard of certain types of T shanjing and /suspected T shanjing.
I have mature T.yangi at the moment and show little interest in the water I know it's the wrong time of year for them, they are being kept semi aquatic
Watch this space
This time of the year I am slowly transitioning them to a terrestrial tank. They will re-enter water in late spring.

Sorry, I wasn't sure what species he was referring to because he didn't specify.

Although it's specified in the title, lol
I found spermataphores today 1 on a flat stone on the land and a cloud of it in the water today .
I believe it is sperm,Any comments welcomed


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I don't believe that the one in the water Is a spermataphore. The one on land could be but I never saw anything like that with mine so I have a feeling it is something else. Their sperm was always small and in the water with mine.
Best of luck to you all the same!

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