More Aquatic and Semi-aquatic Setups

Aquatic Setup #16

setup Dimensions: 20 gallons; 24x12x18 inches (60x30x45 cm)
Animals: Adult Notophthalmus viridescens
Owner: Karen E.

Comments: A simple setup for aquatic newts. Contains a mixture of live and artificial plants. The island on the right is made of aquarium Lock-Rocks. The island on the left is a homemade acrylic/rock platform, supported by an acrylic rod that is visible going up the back of the tank. The islands are covered with live Java moss, and a newt can be seen (look closely!) hiding in the moss.

Aquatic Setup #17

setup Dimensions: unknown
Animals: Mudpuppy (Necturus)
Owner: Sean Wall
Comments: This setup was designed for a mudpuppy. It has plenty of hiding places and stones.

Aquatic Setup #18

setup Size: 180 gallons (680 liters)
Animals: 2 adult Amphiuma means
Owner: Jennifer Empfield

Comments: This very large tank houses 2 adult amphiumas. It has 2 large-capacity canister filters and plenty of hides.

Aquatic Setup #19

setup Volume: 15-gallon
Dimensions: 60x30x30 cm
Animals: Adult Triturus marmoratus
Owner: Pin-pin Wei

Comments: Contains artificial plants and live Java moss.

Semi-aquatic Setup #10

setup Volume: Unknown
Owner: Mark Aartse-Tuyn

Comments: "This tank is suitable for a wide range of stream dwelling sals, particularly ones that donít mind deeper water such as Eurycea. It was intended as a stream bank style set-up with rocks, logs and moss piled up to make an island, with water being pumped over the rocks."

Semi-aquatic Setup #11

setup Volume: Unknown
Animals: Hynobius spp.
Owner: Henk Wallays


Semi-aquatic Setup #12

setup Volume: Unknown
Animals: Hynobius spp.
Owner: Henk Wallays

Comments: This tank was designed for animals that like to stay wet and hidden. Building bricks provide holes for hiding. A photo showing the construction of a similar tank can be seen in the Hynobius dunni caresheet. The plants look tropical but actually aren't, all are endemic (European) plants.

Semi-aquatic Setup #13

setup Volume: Unknown
Animals: Desmognathus
Owner: Mark Aartse-Tuyn

Comments: A tank suited to animals that need shallow water and lots of crevices.

For more setup photos, see Setting It Up.


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