Batrachoseps major
Garden Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps major
Subspecies B. m. major
B. m. aridus (Desert Slender Salamander)
Range USA: California; Mexico
IUCN Red Book Least Concern
CITES No listing
USF&W Listing Endangered (aridus)
First described Camp, 1915 (major)
Brame, 1970 (aridus)

Taxonomic Note
Batrachoseps aridus was formerly recognized as a full species. It is now classified by the ITIS as a synonym for (and with a valid name of) Batrachoseps major. It is classified by the ITIS as neither a distinct species nor a subspecies. The IUCN, however, in its 2008 assessment considers Batrachoseps aridus to be a subspecies of B. major. Further taxonomic revision is probably needed.

Batrachoseps major

Batrachoseps major Batrachoseps major

Text by Janice Williams, posted January 2009.


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