Taxonomic Revisions

On this page, we post recent revisions of species names made in our Species Database list. While we usually follow the revisions made by AmphibiaWeb, we sometimes make our own choices about what revisions to recognize. Since taxonomy is not a primary interest area of Caudata Culture, we may be somewhat delayed in addressing taxonomic changes. If you find something that is badly in need of revision, please Contact Us.

We thank Will Jones for periodically rechecking our species lists.

New species recognized: Ambystoma bishopi, Bolitoglossa tatamae.
Name change: Pseudohynobius tsinpaensis is now Liua tsinpaensis.
Species split: Taricha torosa sierrae is now Taricha sierrae.
Species no longer recognized: Batrachuperus taibaiensis, Hynobius mantschuriensis, Hynobius tenuis, Hynobius yunnanicus
Species added: Desmognathus planiceps, Hydromantes sarrabusensis, Bolitoglossa bramei, Bolitoglossa conanti, Bolitoglossa gomezi, Pseudoeurycea maxima, Pseudoeurycea quetzalanensis, Pseudoeurycea ruficauda, Oedipina fortunensis, Hynobius hirosei, Hynobius yatsui, Hynobius fuca, Hynobius glacialis, Pseudohynobius kuankuoshuiensis.
Species added: Paramesotriton zhijinensis, Paramesotriton longliensis, Pachytriton archospotus, Triturus macedonicus.
Batrachoseps aridus is a subspecies of B. major.
Dicamptodontidae is no longer recognized as a family; it is a genus within family Ambystomatidae.
New species of Bolitoglossa: B. tica, B. indio, B. insularis, B. pygmaea, B. robinsoni.
New genus and species: Urspelerpes brucei.
Mesotriton changed to Ichthyosaura. Paramesotrtion laoensis is now Laotriton laoensis.
New species: Cynops fudingensis.



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