View Full Version : Red Bloodworms with Garlic for newts

26th November 2011, 21:41
I need to know if I can give my fire belly newt red bloodworms with garlic ... Is it ok to feed the newt red bloodworms with garlic? Thanks

26th November 2011, 23:28
lol. I nominate this for "Odd Question of the Month" award...

I have no idea whether garlic is okay - I doubt it - but I am very curious as to why you want to mix it with your blood worms?

Red Eft14
27th November 2011, 00:52
I'am guessing not since newts are strict carnivours.

27th November 2011, 01:50
My newts prefer their bloodworms with Grey Poupon Dijon mustard.

27th November 2011, 02:50
Garlic really overpowers the flavor of the bloodworms. If it were me, I would sprinkle the bloodworms with a bit of sage and basil and a pinch of salt!

27th November 2011, 09:46
I think garlic is used in fish foods as an appetite stimulant and some believe it can kill off internal parasites and boost immunity. I'm not sure what the science is, if any, behind this.

I don't know if garlic is harmful for newts. I suspect not. Don't forget that whilst newts are carnivorous their prey will have plant material in their digestive tract so they are quite capable of processing vegetative matter, even if they can't make the most of it's nutrition.

What is the reason for the question? Have you seen a shop selling bloodworm with garlic?

27th November 2011, 10:27
Garlic can cause stomach probklems in some animals. If it was me I wouldn't risk it.

5th December 2011, 19:14
THANKS FOR YOUR INFO! Ive been feeding my newt for like 2 weeks now ... nothing is wrong with him but now he won't eat them :( maybe he doesnt like them now :/ Ill feed him Black bloodworms and ill try with that! :)

6th December 2011, 18:03
I am very suspicious of garlic supplements for non-humans. Considering all members of that particular family are toxic in some part of their structure, and that many animals suffer from the toxicity of them, I don't give my critters of any sort any product from the family.