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2nd Tiger salamander died


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Apr 11, 2020
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I'm trying to see where I was wrong. I bought a 2nd tiger salamander and put it together with my other one in a 20 gallon tank. When I received the other one it was still in the process of morphing since the gills were still there. As soon as I transferred it to the enclosure it went to the make shift water pond I made. First and Second day it would go in the water and out of the water. For me this was a normal process. Appetite was fine since the first day I fed it red wrigglers and devoured 4. 2nd day was the same as well. My 1st salamander originally made a burrowed tunnel where she goes in and will just come out when she's hungry. On the 3rd day i saw the 2nd salamander went inside the tunnel and that was it, I never saw it again. First I thought it was normal and would come out when its hungry but then it went days that I have not seen the 2nd one. I never bothered looking for it since my 1st salamander was in and out of that burrowed tunnel as well. Just today and its already 2:30am just had the urge to look at my enclosure and noticed a lot of springtails are gathering in one side of the enclosure. To my surprise I saw a maggot at least 2-3 maggots. And I knew something was wrong. I transferred my 1st salamander to a separate enclosure for now and started digging and cleaning the 20 gallon tank. There I saw the 2nd one almost gone (like it melted) Only thing I saw was like bones and it stinks!!! It looked like its been dead for days. Can anyone explain to me how this can happen? I thought that you can put tiger salamanders together? Did the 2nd one got lost inside the borrowed tunnel and couldn't get out??

Autistic Catholic

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Feb 27, 2022
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I know this is two years old, but you didn't quarantine the animal prior to adding. It may have gotten a disease that your first salamander was immune to or may have been immunocompromised already or in poor health and something carried by an animal in the established exhibit probably infected it or rapidly contributed to increase of the salamander's poor health.
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