Anyone know the nutrition facts of Porcellio laevis Isopods?


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Aug 10, 2020
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I am planning on feeding Isopods to vary the diet of my sal. I’ve decided on porcellio laevis as the isopod thanks to it’s easy care. I’ve read the few forums I could find and on it one post said the had no meat, they appear to have plenty. I also saw that their shells are calcium?

Does anyone feed porcellio laevis and know the dry meat to other material ratio? The calcium:phosphorus ratio? The fat content? All of this has been hard to find online and is generally important. I want a good diet!

THANK YOU! Dairy Cows are a common name for the Isopods
I ran across an article (or possibly a forum post) about isopods as feeders when I was researching them as a clean up crew for my geckos, but now I can’t remember where I saw it! I’ll keep trying to find it, but I do recall that it talked about the carapace being a good source of calcium and easy to digest. My impression was that they might not be something to feed as a staple diet, but that as supplement they were good, especially since they’re high in calcium. Again, I’ll keep hunting and if I can find the article, I’ll post a link.

I have P. laevis in my bioactive crested gecko enclosure, and I suspect she occasionally snacks on them. (I actually keep a separate culture of them going so I can bolster their numbers in her tank if necessary.) She seems to be doing well with this arrangement.
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