Difference between Salamandra s. s. and S. s. terrestris?



Is there an easy way to visually differentiate between Salamandra salamandra salamandra and Salamandra salamandra terrestris?

Can someone tell me the difference between these sub-species (other than locality)?

Also, which is more popular with salamander hobbyists?

Thanks for any help or information,

PS There's some pretty cool Salmandra images at:


Basically, Salamandra s. salamandra is "spotted", whereas S. s. terrestris usually has two bands of yellow running on either side of the back (there may be a number of breaks in the bands, depending on the individual). In some, the bands are perfectly connected but in others they're quite broken up.

S. s. salamandra is usually a lot bigger (up to 30 cm / 12 inches) than S. s. terrestris (usually not more than 22 cm / 9 inches), and the tail is usually longer in S. s. salamandra. There are other more subtle differences in body shape too.

Here's a link to a photo of S. s. salamandra.
And here's a link to a photo of S. s. terrestris.
Both photos are from Amphibia Web.
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