Has anyone ever experienced or heard of neoteny in Salamandra?I've raised a lot of fire sals.One of my groups of larvae was a little strange.Mainly larvae colors.Some were very very light etc.Eventually all morphed but 2 or 3.These lasted about a month after the others before morphing and were HUGE.2 of them morphed now and are just big baby fires.It's been around a month (i think) since the last 2 morphed.The last one is still a larva with full gills, full adult color, still has tail fins, and has developed ALL of its paratoid glands.It still eats... a lot.I'm wondering if it will ever morph.hehe He's very cool too.When I come by his tank he runs out from hiding and begs for food.Anyone experienced anything like this?


How long is it?I had a couple of s.salamamdra larvae that metamorphosed measuring more o less 6-7 cm long.However the later they metamorphose the better because they are stronger against bacterial infections.Can you post a picture of it?
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