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New Subforum Topics - Post them to this thread please


the open section where this stickied thread is located in a little confusing. i think it's a little more intuitive to have all these threads moved into 'Axolotl Free for all'.

- rename 'axolotl free for all' to 'General discussion'

- add a sticky in general discussion about how to get started in the axolotl hobby

- reorganize the subforums:
- general discussion
- breeding
- tank set-ups
- sick axolotl
- axolotl gallery
I agree. I changed the forums similar to what you suggest.


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Picture Glossary of Various Illnesses
Is it possible to set up a glossary of pictures of illnesses?
Just an idea.

Though that was a good idea
Even one on how to safely send animals? as i have seen quite a few posts asking how? even putting it as another sub under the sale, giveaway or trade might be an idea?
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I've had an idea rolling around in my head. In the extremely brief time I've been here I've seen a lot of threads questioning about the phenotype or sex of an axolotl. Perhaps their could be a gender and coloration subforum? Or even a sticky for each? This way all of the questions would be collaborated and the information would be a little more available for all members.

It could even include discussion of genetics where members could post what their breeding crosses produced.

It's not absolutely necessary, I was just thinking about it and it's something I would really like to see. As for the idea of a sexing sticky I would be willing to compile pictures to give good examples of how to sex your axolotl. I would volunteer to make a coloration one as well, but I am colorblind!

Let me know what you guys think!


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Not a topic so much, more of a feature:
A custom google map of global axolotl and caudata vets as well as private breeders and shops.

I'd be more than happy to help in making the map if people can help build up a database


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How about axolotl rants and jokes topic ? The rules is simple , whatever goes. That would get traffic going :D


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Yeah but "off topic" don't sound like fun thing to post about axolotl ? It just... You know " off ...topic" :nono:


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I agree. I changed the forums similar to what you suggest.
It still seems like there is a main section you can post in and subsections. Ideally you would only have the subsections or no subsections at all. I didn't know where to post (I'm new) and I still don't if I have a general question. I chose the main forum because of the higher number of views but it would have been just as relevant in the general discussion subforum. It's like having a general discussion subforum in the main general discussion forum.