Taricha Granulosa

The cloaca on animal in the last picture looks undeveloped, if it was a female it would be cone shaped and if it was a male it would be bulgier ( even though they aren't breeding ). Thus I believe they are still to young the accurately sex, but if I had to guess I would say that last one is a male. The other one appears to have a male characteristic tail, though it is hard to tell leg length in that photo, which is another good indicator.
Always nice to see this species, thanks for the update Julia :) They have come along nicely.
I'll try and take a photo, I am pretty sure I have both sexes. I recently moved them into my shed and so far they seem quite happy.
Still stalking them... if they don't co-operate soon, I will attempt capture for a photo shoot at the weekend..:blob:
Still stalking them... if they don't co-operate soon, I will attempt capture for a photo shoot at the weekend..:blob:

Still waiting, it's the week-end! Going through herp denial, want to see and look at herps until my dad goes back for them
This is the best I could get with out fishing them out etc. They rarely appeared together, when they did, they where proving rather shy about showing their cloaca. If I can get better shots I will add them :)


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I think you have a pair there :)
The one is definitely a male, but the other one ( on the bottom in amplexus ) appears to be female, thought a cloaca shot would confirm it.
I wandered out into my shed this evening and came across my male doing the oddest little shimmy and a very extended cloaca. I realised that he may be depositing spermataphore, but my dodgy eye sight could not see any sign. I looked across at my female an could see that she had picked up already :) . So far I haven't seen any eggs laid over the years, but fingers crossed maybe I will now :)

P.s I'm shocked its been 3 years since I have updated this...how time flies.
do not be discouraged Re: Taricha Granulosa


That is about the saddest story I have heard about a beautiful batch of 10 Tarichas. Just do not be discouraged. You may have gotten a bad batch and it does happen. I bought Kaisers from a professional that breeds them and admitted to me that his "years crop" of new Kaisers did not survive. I still have the three I, originally, bought from him doing well, living fat, and not breeding at all. It goes to show you that sometimes whether it is nature versus nurture and sheer luck come into play. If you still like those Tarichas, I say get an entire new vivarium for them and take your time to make it perfect. This will inspire you to have a new clan of Tarichas come in and walking all over in their new place.
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