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  1. The Recent US Federal Review of Boas & Pythons - what it means and why it should matter to us
  2. Recent US Farm Bill threatened herpetile enthusiasts
  3. Are axolotls legal in Western Australia?
  4. British Laws
  5. California Laws?
  6. Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act (U.S. House of Rep.)
  7. Canada Law
  8. Importing amphibians from EU states
  9. Washington State laws prohibited sals
  10. New York State Laws.
  11. Permits, US Fish&wildlife, CITES ect
  12. Spanish law=european law?
  13. This is a good example of unwittingly breaking the law
  14. Reporting violations of California Law
  15. What IS legal to keep in Washington State?
  16. There goes the neighborhood? (bullfrogs)
  17. Nebraska Reptile and Amphibian Laws
  18. Changes in New York State Herp Laws
  19. Article on New Regulations On Reptile And Amphibian Collecting in Pennsylvania
  20. Lacey Act shipping rules?
  21. Newts as invasive species.
  22. I'm not paranoid ?
  23. Canada Law question
  24. This would throw a wrench in the hobby...
  25. Legal to keep in Washington...
  26. Axolotls legality issues
  27. Axolotls are illegal in California - here are the relevant laws
  28. Crossing US border from Canada
  29. Wildlife Smuggling and the impact on the pet trade.
  30. How many Caudates are CITES listed?
  31. California ban on Non Native Frogs and Turtles/Tortoises
  32. Oregon state laws
  33. Science Daily N. kaiseri ban
  34. Draft of paper on "Neurergus kaiseri: the Practicality of Endangered Species Conservation through Economic Efficiency and International Law"
  35. Bringing a pet salamander from USA to Canada
  36. New Mexico Importation Rule, NM Department of Game and Fish
  37. Laws of new jersey?
  38. Article - Possible Ban on US Amphibian Trade
  39. SFGate:S.F. considers banning sale of pets except fish
  40. Alaska salamander regulations
  41. Proof of captive origin
  42. Triturus marmoratus - the law is an a-s-s
  43. Ambystoma research and such...
  44. Pseudotriton ruber ruber
  45. B. dolfeini legality
  46. Illegal
  47. Can I Legally ship a Tiger Sally From Sask Canada to Ontario Canada??
  48. Tiger salamanders illegal in colorado?
  49. European union laws
  50. Todays metro newspaper
  51. Where would I stand with UK law if this happened?
  52. Laws for Mudpuppy Posession? (Ontario)
  53. Australian laws
  54. Looking for information on U.S salamander Pet trade
  55. What is illegal in the uk?
  56. Export from US
  57. Tiger Salamanders in Pennsylvania
  58. Salamanders in Australia
  59. The Painful Truth About Peat Moss...
  60. Spotted Salamanders in Massachusetts - legal?
  61. British Columbia laws - the parts you didn't hear about
  62. Legal advice needed
  63. Lawsuit Filed to Speed Recovery of Endangered California Tiger Salamander
  64. Dysfunctional conservation laws
  65. Legality
  66. Welfare of captive amphibians
  67. Legal consequences to sending animals in the UK
  68. A word of warning about Youtube
  69. European Protected Species and the EU habitats directive
  70. Expansive petition seeks aid for 53 US herps
  71. Is Cynops Orientalis (Chinese Fire Belly Newt) Legal To Own In Washington State?
  72. Glo- animals
  73. Best state for salamander keeping?
  74. Reptile & Amphibian Abuse: Examples, Laws & How You Can Help
  75. UK laws regarding European newts
  76. NZ doc permit for keeping native reptiles and amphibians.
  77. Palmate newts question?
  78. Laws or regulations for New Brunswick Canada?
  79. Fight Anti-Reptile Legislation (CT, WV, MT)!
  80. Illegal requests
  81. Metamorphosed Axolotls-ethical questions
  82. Need Help on legality of axolotls in Canada
  83. Why current breeding practices are a failure.
  84. Ethics of Breeding Hybrid Animals
  85. Legality of Lithobates catesbeianus in the UK.
  86. Animal Protection Agency
  87. Ethics of deliberate breeding of 'mutant' animals
  88. Possible West Virginia Ban on Order Caudata
  89. Pennsylvania native salamander regulations
  90. Selling Critters in different States
  91. Check your states laws before buying
  92. UK law
  93. Axolotls in California
  94. Keeping very rare salamnder with govt. support
  95. Article about Pennsylvania reptile and amphibian regulations
  96. New Salamander Fungus Found: Are More Pet Trade Regulations on the Way?
  97. Center for Biological Diversity
  98. Are native caudates legally the same as Cynops in Washington state?
  99. What state is best for collectors?
  100. Captive Wildlife Regulations of Saskatchewan