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  23. FYI: License required to sell Axolotls in the Uk
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  44. Digging for Freedom?!
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  51. My Axolotl won't eat?
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  60. Question: Advice urgently
  61. Buying Axoloti
  62. Question: Should i buy a uv filter or not
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  65. Light in my axie tank
  66. New owner of Axolotl
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  69. Male, Female or Unsure?
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  86. Leviathan's feeding schedule/tank set up:
  87. New owner, questions as usual
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  94. I am completely new and need to know it all!
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  97. Question: When can I join my little family?
  98. Same old question, sorry.
  99. Question: How long till Axolotls are 6 inchs?
  100. Difference between Leucistic & Albino