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  6. Cotton wool growth on my boy...... help!!
  7. Swollen Cloaca!
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  10. Gender of Young Axolotls
  11. Why have they all died?
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  13. Question: Can I feed Axolotls Brine Shrimps raised in water containing table salt?
  14. Question: Moving
  15. Illness/Sickness: White scaley looking stuff on my axolotl.
  16. Question: Any Enthusiasts want to start a youtube partnership?
  17. Question: Do Axolotl Females go through the menstrual cycle?
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  19. New Axolotl Mum
  20. Illness/Sickness: Axolotl Playing Dead
  21. Moving, puting axolotl in gatorade bottles?
  22. Axolotl deco
  23. Weird axolotl behavior
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  25. Is anyone interested in starting a Amphibian facebook page?
  26. Base for tank.
  27. Question: Temperature of Axolotls
  28. PLEASE HELP- Axolotl isn't eating!
  29. Enjoying birth
  30. Stunted growth, juvenile lotl
  31. Tank mates to be used for food.
  32. Would this dyi tank chiller stress my axolotl?
  33. Very sad time and I just dunno what to do other than cry... :'(
  34. My axolotl has just been sick?
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  36. Help with axolotls?
  37. Question: Water hardness
  38. No way - Axies in the top 5 of ugly animals!!
  39. Question: Broken leg and missing limb
  40. Question: What is the safest way to cool down a tank?
  41. Shrunken/Damaged gills on adult GFP Wild Type
  42. Question: What chemicals are okay to add?
  43. Tank mates... I wouldn't!
  44. No substrate just glass
  45. Display aquarium ideas
  46. Can someone help me sex this axolotl???
  47. Breeding pair of axies for sale in new zealand
  48. Axolotl breeding?
  49. Question: What live plants can I add to my axolotl tank?
  50. FYI: API products on sale..........
  51. Illness/Sickness: What is wrong with my axolotls ?!
  52. Help - axolotl skin proble
  53. Illness/Sickness: Can Get Rid Of Fungus....Or What Ever It Is
  54. What's the difference between piebald and harlequin?
  55. Help! Tank is very cloudy even with a new filter
  56. Please Help changing my axolotl tank =]
  57. Keeping cockroaches out of the aquarium and keeping my axolotls safe?
  58. Photo: Pics of my little critters
  59. Question: PLEASE HELP!! My ammonia levels are too high!!
  60. Possible skin disease?
  61. Question: What is the best way to ship 3-4" axolotls?
  62. Photo: Unusual Wild type
  63. Illness/Sickness: URGENT HELP NEEDED Red Leg
  64. Question: Pure Oxygen
  65. Question: Need a yes/no answer on air pump
  66. Small tank transfer problem!
  67. Question: Feeding time!!
  68. Question: Sand in tank driving me insane PLEASE HELP
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  71. Airplane axolotls?
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  73. Even worse!!! Axolotls floating up to the top!!
  74. Question: Second Axie feeding problem
  75. Question: High PH
  76. Question: How much should my axolotl eat?
  77. DIY Stands
  78. Photo: 【A good way】about of stones and sand in axolotls body
  79. Question: Snails
  80. Nutritional Value Of Axolotl Pellets
  81. What type of Axolotl breed are my babies ??
  82. Lazy axie
  83. My Axolotl Tank
  84. New tank axies won't eat
  85. Illness/Sickness: Axolotl found of floor. Please help.
  86. I love my Axies, my Larvae, and this Forum
  87. What's best to keep algae off the class?
  88. White lump on lip
  89. Feeding amount and how often?
  90. Axolotls with big goldfish temporarily
  91. Hello from a new member!!
  92. Copper tx in new cycling axie tank
  93. Green algae spots on axi ?
  94. Heat stress
  95. Worried - Axolotl is not eating
  96. Illness/Sickness: Why wont my axie eat?
  97. Question: Which pellet food is best (UK only)
  98. Question: Behaviour
  99. Help moving Axolotl eggs
  100. To feed or not to feed?