Ambystoma tigrinum: successful breeding

Thanks Jan, I'll try to take some showable photos ;)

Metamorphosis goes on.
Pictures from this morning:




see you,

How did I miss this thread?! Amazing success and wonderful larvae, congratulations.

If your cb tiger salamanders don't get entered into our photo competition I will cry...;)
I echo Mark's sentiments....and you REALLY need to enter the calendar photo competition Mario.
Thanks guys, your posts mean a lot to me!
I took some quite acceptable photos of my larvae and some other Ambystomatids in the meantime :proud:

To get back to topic again:

The gills are disappearing very fast, pictures from yesterday:




and today, the gills nearly completely vanished:





Later this morning this little guy also decided to leave the water:


After 97 days the first tiger salamander entered the land area after only 5 days of morphing!

That's how it looks like right now:


13 metamorphs measuring 12-15cm (~5-6"), another 4 are about to leave water next days.

Excellent!!! Congrats on your success :)
It´s great to see more people succeeding with this species. Hopefully in a not so distant future, commercial imports will be rendered unnecessary.
Congrats, you did a good job on breeding!!!
Thanks guys!

It´s great to see more people succeeding with this species. Hopefully in a not so distant future, commercial imports will be rendered unnecessary.
Well, we got a good live stock in Germany/Europe, but most aren't able to breed them. I don't know how many years ago someone bred tigrinum in Germany.
Most keepers also don't know the locality of their animals.
So, I think it will take many years to make imports unnecessary.

I got to write you again.
This picture says everything:wacko:


And I also succeeded with macrodactylum:wink:

Awesome... just awesome!
We are going to need pictures of the macrodactylum now, though, you can´t just talk about it and not share some pictures :p

Congratulations once again, these are smashing news.
Great pictures and success!

All larvae are doing well.
They are readily accepting every live food and my first try with axolotl pellets was successful this morning when I tried it in my group with the largest individuals :love:
I hope they all get big enough soon, because they are eating nearly too much...
I breed lots of live food, like Daphnia, black worms and enchytreans but those larvae want more and more food...

So the biggest one really exploded after eating two siblings :(
It reached 5cm after less than two weeks

You can also see the hind limbs start to grow.
The others measure 3-4cm now.

Hi Mario
i have an question - how long you tigers been in water before they lay eggs?
week, two week? more?
Cheers Tomasz
Hi Tomasz,

last year the males stayed alone in the tank for 13 days, when I put the females in, it took 2 days till day laid eggs.
This year they needed more time and the females were in the tank for more than two week until they laid eggs.

I missed this thread completely while I'm attempting to breed them myself. No results here, but I'm offering them a 50/50 tank. I'm changing my setup tomorrow right away! Hope I'm not too late and that it will work. Thanks Mario for this great thread!
I think its fantastic that mario have manged to breed these animals for the 2nd year in a row. It not that big a deal to breed newly imported animals where nature have already programmed the animals, but when you breed them the year after it means that you haveunderstood what the animals need during the whole year.
I also breed this strain of tigers last year from nature programmed animals but gave away the wc and focusonsome of the many cb theyproduced so nobreeding here this year. However, what i wanted to say besides giving mario my respect in this matter was that the animals should not have a choice in spring. Give them waåter with no acces to land:happy:
I've never seen this thread until now, but a big congrats. What an achievement! What do you plan on doing with all of them?
Give them water with no acces to land:happy:

That's what I will do next year for both my A.m.diaboli and A.m.mavortium. The diabolis reside in a 50/50 setup and they had really cold temperatures last winter. The mavoritums are in a similar setup as Mario's since I first discovered this thread.

Everyone who breeds Ambystomids is a salamander hero if you ask me!
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