Newt & Salamander
Frequently Asked Questions

General Care and Feeding FAQ

Are newts or salamanders easy pets? Are they good pets for children?
I want a newt or salamander. What kind should I get, and how should I pick it out?
Where can I find a caresheet for ____________?
Why isn't my animal eating?
What should I feed my animal?
How often should I feed?
How much should I feed?
How long can a newt/salamander survive without eating?
Can my newt eat feeder fish?
Will my newt/salamander become obese if I overfeed it?


Housing FAQ

How do I house ___________?
What do I need to properly house an aquatic newt?
What do I need to properly house a terrestrial salamander?
How can I keep my newt/salamander cool enough during the summer?
How do I clean my aquatic newt's tank?
Does my animal need a heater, heat lamp, or hot rock?
Does a newt/salamander need full-spectrum lighting?
I have algae in my tank. What should I do?
I have snails/tiny worms/tiny swimmy things in my tank. What should I do?
Can I house _______ with ________?
Can a newt live together with a fire-bellied toad, dwarf frog, or clawed frog?
Can a newt live with a small turtle?
What type of fish can live with my newt?
How about goldfish with newts?
Can I house newts or salamanders in my indoor/outdoor pond?
Can I house a tiger salamander in a semi-aquatic (land/water) setup?


Health and Behavior FAQ

Why won't my newt go in the water?
How can I get my newt to go into the water?
One of my paddletail newts keeps attacking the other. The smaller one is not eating well. What is going on?
Does my newt/salamander need a friend? Are they social?
My newt just puffed itself up and acted like it was dead, but now it's acting OK again. Is this normal?
My newt's skin is coming off, is that normal?
What does newt "poop" look like?
My firebelly newt's toe/foot/leg is gone! What happened and what should I do?
My newt is getting really fat, should I be worried?
My animal is sick, what should I do?
Why did my animals get sick? How can I prevent this from happening again?
Should I take my newt/salamander to a veterinarian? Will a vet know how to care for it?


Water Quality FAQ

What makes good "water quality" for caudates?
How can I tell if my tap water contains chlorine versus chloramine? Does it matter?
How do I treat my water if it has chlorine (not chloramine)?
How do I treat my water if it has chloramine?
How often do I need to do water changes?
What is "new tank syndrome"?
What should I do if I detect ammonia in my tank water?
My tank water has a film (or bubbles) on it. Why? What should I do?
How many newts can I safely keep in my tank?
What kind of water should I use for a terrestrial salamander to spray the habitat and put in the water dish?


Scientific and Reproductive FAQ

Are newts or salamanders poisonous?
How long can newts/salamanders live?
How do I tell how old my newt/salamander is?
What species do I have?
What is the difference between a newt and a salamander?
How do I tell if my animal is male or female?
How do you breed _____________ ?
How do you raise baby newts and salamanders from eggs?
Why are my larvae dieing?

I found some eggs in my tank - are they newt eggs?


Miscellaneous FAQ

But the pet shop told me _________!!??
I don't want my animal any more; can I just let it free outside?
Where can I obtain different species of newts or salamanders?
I found a salamander/newt outside. Should I keep it?
My newt or salamander escaped. What should I do?
A pet store near me doesn't take good care of their newts/salamanders. What should I do?
Where can I ask a question that is not answered here?


Amphibian Glossary

The Amphibian Glossary contains a list of words commonly used to describe amphibians and aspects of keeping amphibians in captivity.



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