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Setup Ideas for Your Caudates Preventing Escape
Aquarium Cooling Methods
Aquarium Filters for Aquatic Caudates
Aquarium Invaders Wood for Use in Vivaria
Substrates for Caudates

Water Quality

Cycling an Aquarium for Aquatic Animals
Water Quality for Aquatic Caudates
Use of Bottled Water for Amphibians


Food Items for Captive Caudates
Nutritional Values of Amphibian Foods
Worms Microfoods for Caudate Larvae

Reproduction & Rearing

Sexing Caudates
Raising Newt and Salamander Eggs
Raising Juvenile Cynops orientalis
Why Larvae Die
Odds of Getting a Pair from Juveniles
Making Egg Laying Strips

Health & Illness

Caudate Illness Articles Temperatures for Newly Imported Newts
Treatment of Sores and Wounds in Caudates
Salt Solutions in Treating Salamander Diseases
Bloat in Newts
Euthanasia for Amphibians
Quarantine and Disinfection


Species Mixing Disasters
Caudate Longevity
Fish with Caudates
Don't Do This! Captive Care Catastrophes
What kind of Fire Belly is it?
Toxicity of Newts
Newt Toxins
Photographing Salamanders
Shipping Caudates

Species-specific Articles

How Smart and How Social Is My Tiger Salamander? pdf icon 1.2 Mb
"Greeting" Behavior in Tiger Salamanders pdf icon 1.9 Mb
Pseudotriton: Red and Mud Salamanders
Salamandra Species & Subspecies Guide
Torrent Salamanders (Rhyacotriton) in Oregon and California
Taxonomy of Some of the Salamandrids
Husbandry and Breeding of Taricha granulosa
Defense Mechanisms of the Spanish Ribbed Newt
Observation de Paramesotriton guangxiensis dans son milieu naturel pdf icon 1.8 Mb
Field Observations in Chiang Mai, Thailand, of Tylototriton verrucosus, the Himalayan Crocodile Newt
Tiger Salamander 101: Care Guide for the Beginner
General Husbandry of Terrestrial (Fossorial) Caecilians in Captivity pdf icon 1.3 Mb
Breeding the Hong Kong Warty Newt, Paramesotriton hongkongensis

Research Articles

Osteoclasts/Giant Cells in Regenerating Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) Spinal Cord Meninges. An Unexpected Presence. pdf icon 2.8 Mb, research presentation by Ellen A.G. Chernoff, Teri Belecky-Adams, Hai V. Nguyen-Salfity, Sarah T. Scott and Hidehito Takenaka (IUPUI-Department of Biology), 2016.

Food Habits of the Mole Salamander Ambystoma talpoideum in Montgomery County, Tennessee pdf icon 5.5 Mb, Master's thesis by Jonathan Wert, 1968.

Reproductive behaviour of the Alpine newt Triturus alpestris: Mating and oviposition preferences, a research study by Alberto Joven, 2009.

Biodiversity in a Suburban Reservation: Amphibians in the Middlesex Fells pdf icon 2 Mb, Master's thesis by Matt Gage, 2012.


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