Family Hynobiidae


Genus: Batrachuperus
      Species Common Name
      Batrachuperus karlschmidti Chiala Mountain Salamander
      Batrachuperus longdongensis Longdong Salamander
      Batrachuperus pinchonii Western Chinese Mountain Salamander
    Batrachuperus tibetanus Alpine Stream Salamander
      Batrachuperus yenyuanensis Yenyuan Stream Salamander


Genus: Hynobius
      Species Common Name
      Hynobius abei Abe's Salamander
      Hynobius amakusaensis Amakusa Salamander
      Hynobius amjiensis Anji Salamander
    Hynobius arisanensis Arisan Salamander
    Hynobius boulengeri Ohdaigahara Salamander
    Hynobius chinensis Chinese Salamander
  Hynobius dunni Oita Salamander
    Hynobius formosanus Formosa Salamander
      Hynobius fuca Taiwan Lesser Salamander
      Hynobius glacialis Nanhu Salamander
      Hynobius guabangshanensis
      Hynobius hidamontanus Hakuba Salamander
      Hynobius hirosei 
      Hynobius katoi Akaishi Salamander
    Hynobius kimurae Hida Salamander
    Hynobius leechii Korean Salamander
    Hynobius lichenatus Tohoku Salamander
      Hynobius maoershanensis 
    Hynobius naevius Buchi Salamander
    Hynobius nebulosus Clouded Salamander
    Hynobius nigrescens Japanese Black Salamander
    Hynobius okiensis Oki Salamander
      Hynobius osumiensis
      Hynobius quelpaertensis
    Hynobius retardatus Ezo Salamander
      Hynobius shinichisatoi
    Hynobius sonani Sonan's Salamander
    Hynobius stejnegeri Amber Salamander
    Hynobius takedai Hokuriku Salamander
    Hynobius tokyoensis Tokyo Salamander
    Hynobius tsuensis Tsushima Salamander
      Hynobius turkestanicus Turkistanian Salamander
      Hynobius yangi
      Hynobius yatsui
      Hynobius yiwuensis Yiwu Salamander


Genus: Liua
      Species Common Name
    Liua shihi Wushan Salamander
      Liua tsinpaensis Tsinpa Salamander


Genus: Onychodactylus
      Species Common Name
      Onychodactylus fischeri Chinese Clawed Salamander
      Onychodactylus fuscus Tadami clawed salamander
      Onychodactylus intermedius Bandai clawed salamander;
    Onychodactylus japonicus Japanese Clawed Salamander
      Onychodactylus kinneburi Shikoku clawed salamander
      Onychodactylus koreanus Korean Clawed Salamander,
      Onychodactylus nipponoborealis Tohoku Clawed Salamander
      Onychodactylus tsukubaensis Tsukuba clawed salamander
      Onychodactylus zhangyapingi Jilin Clawed Salamander
      Onychodactylus zhaoermii Liaoning Clawed Salamander


Genus: Pachyhynobius
      Species Common Name
    Pachyhynobius shangchengensis Shangcheng Stout Salamander


Genus: Paradactylon
      Species Common Name
      Paradactylodon gorganensis Gorgan Salamander
      Paradactylodon mustersi Paghman Stream Salamander
      Paradactylodon persicus Persian Mountain Salamander


Genus: Pseudohynobius
      Species Common Name
      Pseudohynobius flavomaculatus Yellow Spotted Salamander
      Pseudohynobius guizhouensis  
      Pseudohynobius jinfo  
      Pseudohynobius kuankuoshuiensis  
      Pseudohynobius puxiongensis Puxiong's Protohynobiid
      Pseudohynobius shuichengensis Shuicheng Salamander


Genus: Ranodon
      Species Common Name
    Ranodon sibiricus Semirechensk Salamander


Genus: Salamandrella
      Species Common Name
    Salamandrella keyserlingii Siberian Salamander
      Salamandrella tridactyla Schrenck Siberian salamander


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