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Caudata Culture is made possible by donations to and by the work of many volunteers who have given their time to write and improve the information on this site. If you have information to contribute, please use this form.

Volunteers & Contributors

Webmasters: Jennifer Macke and Mark Aartse-Tuyn

Editorial Committee: Janice Williams and Abrahm Simons

Richard D. BartlettLarge number of photos; articles; eagle-eye error-spotting.
Heather BjörneboFounder; webmaster (2000-2003); articles and caresheets.
Ellen ChernoffArticle.
John owner; caresheets.
Johnny FarnenArticles.
Michael GrazianoLarge number of photos.
Stephanie HoelkerArticle.
Tim JohnsonLarge number of photos.
Will JonesArticle; range maps; taxonomy updates.
Ed KowalskiArticles and caresheets; former site editor.
Caleb LeekeCaresheet; photo series.
Peter LembckeCaresheet.
Nate NelsonArticles and caresheets; former site editor.
Rodrigo PalaciosArticle.
Paris ReilleyCaresheet; photos.
Ralf ReinartzCaresheet; photos; translations from German.
Ryan St. LaurentSpecies information.
Abrahm SimonsArticles; editorial committee.
Francesco SpalloneCaresheet; photos.
Wes von PapineauArticle.
Henk WallaysCaresheet; article; photos.
Pin-pin WeiCaresheet; article.
Daniel WeinerBanner graphic; Links editor.
Janice WilliamsCompiled "top box" data for species pages; editorial committee.
Other contributorsThank you to the many, many other kind folks who have sent photos, or allowed us to re-post their photos from elsewhere.


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To reference a specific article or species guide, please reference by the name of all author(s).
Björnebo, H., Macke, J., and Aartse-Tuyn, M. 2009. Pleurodeles waltl. Caudata Culture web site, Accessed on [date].

To reference Caudata Culture as a whole, please use:
Caudata Culture web site, Accessed on [date].


Banner Graphic

The Caudata Culture banner was created by Daniel Weiner. The images used are: Hynobius lichenatus eggs (photo by Tim Johnson), a range map depicting the world distribution of caudata (by Will Jones), and an axolotl embryo (by Daniel Weiner).


Want to help?

There is still much room for improvement of this site. Below are some ideas for prospective volunteers. Please get in contact before getting started.

  • Write a caresheet or any species information.
  • Write an article. A few ideas for articles:
    • a newt/sal identification key
    • emergency management plans for captive amphibians
    • a guide to dealing with common problems in newly-acquired petshop firebellied newts
    • a guide to management of large collections of amphibians
    • etc., etc.
  • Allow us to post previously-written material about amphibians or amphibian care.
  • Translate information into English (with permission of the author).


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